where have I been?

Maybe you haven’t wondered that I haven’t blogged for about 2 weeks maybe 3 but who is counting. Well I have been busy being a mom, working, dreaming, and trying to not loose my head. Do you have those times?  I do and then I get a little overwhelmed have a good talk with Mr. Giant, and my nerves go down. What I have worked on is of course prioritizing but also allowing my self to realize that some things can be put on hold. Like this blog for instance. I love writing to those of you who read and I feel some sort of an obligation since you signed up to provide whatever amazingness comes to mind 🙂  I hope you find what I provide enjoyable and would love input about what you would like to have more of.

At the end of the week like I have let you know before, I am going to California .  I can not wait. I will be riding BNA to LAX. I will greatly miss Mr. Giants, and the two rugrats but I am looking for the alone time. Alone time is also not something I give myself hardly ever. I do like being around people, my family, having events, and socializing. When I am not around all my IIN peeps it will be me, my thoughts, deep breathing, and relaxation all with the Cali ocean breeze. Can you imagine ?

The tip I give you is to do the same, take the time this weekend and enjoy yourself.  I will also be blogging and tweeting with some amazing men and women, and I hope you enjoy the information I learn and share with you from our amazing speakers!


Categories: life, Mega Conference

Author:Sarah Moore


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