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What a day! Yesterday began at 10 am with Joshua, founder of IIN taking us through some coaching exercise. Which was great to meet those sitting next to you. If you follow me on twitter you will know I was blowing the #MegaIIN hashtag up Yesturday. I hope it made you feel as though you were there to enjoy what each speaker was saying. BTW IIN now goes towards your college credits, 40 credits towards a BS or above! Best money I ever spent on school ( and Im still paying the other student loans) 🙂

20120304-073503.jpg Mark Sisson, gave a very compelling talk about the Primal Blueprint and the Paleo way of eating. It is grass fed, local meats, nut, seeds, good healthy fats, tons of veggies, some fruit and NO grains. As you can see the lifestyle of Paleo looks well on Mark :). It really did make me think, and had the vegans and vegetarians wanting to ask more. The idea of eating meat is something I go back in forth on. I love raw food and its principles but every once in a while if I feel like eating meat I do, but honestly never get the enjoyment I was hoping for. What I thought to be the best information is how well he talked about fat. I believe good fat is missing from all our bodies to help us burn bad and stored fat and put our insulin levels where they need to be to not store. I loved hearing that.

20120304-073835.jpg Julia Ross, what a hoot. She is a pioneer on letting us know how sugar is killing us. Sugar has been known for centuries to be dangerously addictive, more so than heroine and cocaine, yet it remains in our food supply silently killing and creating disease in so many Americans. What I liked about her is that her information in factual and she presents it with humor. At this point she has been doing it so long and knows she is right the joke is really on us and the government who allows these types of food and substances to occupy our food supply.

20120304-074207.jpg Sorry not a better pic of the cutest Geneen Roth. A lot of her stories I have heard before. Her message of loving your body and how to get out of eating and lying and diet fads are very touching for all us who have tried a diet, looked our bodies with hate, and ate food and hoped know one knew we were eating it. I loved how authentic she was. I think as a health coach I and others forget we are human and may eat something not perfect and we try to act as if we never do, yet we hold the guilt. It is ok to eat something not perfect but do not beat yourself up. Eat slow, eat with purpose, eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full. Most importantly LOVE YOUR BODY and YOURSELF!

20120304-074524.jpg Gary Taubes by far did not have enough time for the amount of information he had to present. His information was based on a lot of research on calories in calories out nonsense 🙂 It is so not that way, as he let us know. As conventional wisdom would let you believe that we consume 300 calories and then go and burn 300 calories in the gym we equaled out the donut. NO, our body stores fat in different places as insulin makes its way through the body and stores fat. I would love to take his class or lecture. But I would do it before lunch when I had better focus, it was a lot of great info you need to be present for.

20120304-080142.jpg Last but certainly not least David Avocado Wolfe. When I say energy the man was hopped up on Superfoods and you can tell. Some may call it out there, crazy or wild, but whatever he is I think its awesome. What I find most amazing is not only the superfoods, like grasses, flowers, herbs, mushrooms, berries, cocoa, maca etc but what they do for the body and cleansing. It is just incredible his understand of each food and its purpose for the body to heal it, or to make your body feel amazing. I was disappointed he was not at our staff party, I thought he was so I did not stay and stalk him after the event and ask questions. I guess that means our paths will cross again. Below are some of the slides he showed.






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