Protein in Veggies, Why yes!

I am meeting with an amazing group of women for a 6 week course. It is a bootcamp so to speak more fast paced and more intense. I start the group on a “cleanse” the first week. For 5-7 days no meat. As many think then where do you get the protein? We are so conditioned to believe we have to cram all this protein in our bodies at every meal through the form of animals that we forget that veggies have very easily digestible protein, and our body loves it! Tell me what animals a horse eats? They are majestic, powerful and strong.
Do I think everyone should be a vegan or vegetarian, no. I believe you should get the best quality meat and fish, locally, organic, or grass-fed. I believe you also need to allow your body to have a rest internally. Meat takes a lot of energy to digest. When we work to heal the body we want it to have time to recover.
Here is a list to compare and you will see the nutritional break down. Pay attention to the protein content and realize this is for a 100 calorie serving. Challenge yourself, go past the norm. When we do the same things we get the same result.


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Author:Sarah Moore

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