Do you Pack Your Lunch?


I know I do, and I have been coming up short on somedays. It is hard to make sure you have enough good food to sustain you for a long day and that it is food you are gonna want to eat when its time. As I face a good problem of being really busy, I am finding it a challenge to pack enough. I might start at the office at 8 and get home at 7, with no time to leave in between clients and I am not really close to anything,so I am stuck. Now I could do what I did yesterday and I texted a regular client that was coming in to bring me a snack. She amazingly brought coconut water, two apples and a protein bar. IT was just what I needed! ( thank you Kathy!!!) But I will not always have a client that can double as my mom 🙂
Today since we got groceries last night I made sure I had enough, and as I write this it is 2 pm and I still have a lot left. I brought a smoothie for breakfast that has berries, olive oil, spirulina, superfruit powder, and coconut milk. I have a Kale salad with tomatoes, avocado, sea salt, olive oil and nutritional yeast. I packed some kale chips, trail mix, kombucha, and my chia seed drink… oh and two hard boiled eggs and a green drink of celery, kale, spinach, apple and lemon. Although I do not see me eating all that I have in the next 3 hours, I do feel good to have prepared enough and to have had a good variety depending on how I feel. I am working to make this a habit, but it is difficult on some days getting together what I need for work and with the kids. Today, though, I nailed it!
What do you pack for lunches? Are you tempted to eat junk while at work?


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Author:Sarah Moore

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