I am offering a Boost..in your Libido

If you got my newsletter then you know in June I am launching my 21 Days to Better Sex Cleanse. I will guide you through 21 days of clean eating, fun detox, and of course libido boosting foods.
I wanted to let you know why I chose to do this detox, and many of my clients were the inspiration behind it. Throughout trying to design a life I love, I want to keep my business doing things I love talking about topics that are fun and engaging and being in a place of happiness. Once you have passed the barrier and are a colon hydrotherapist, talking about sex is not really that uncomfortable. 🙂 Clients are looking to boost their libido, have desire and enjoy intimacy again. Mention using coconut oil as a lubricant is like walking them into a whole new world.
What many people are not connecting is the lack of nutrients in the body and the mass amount of toxins are making them have no desire, trouble staying erect, or very dry. This is not acceptable in my opinion. Sex is meant to be shared between couples and we should have the ability to decide when we want it, because our body is functioning properly.

Through my 21 day cleanse you will be guided on an elimination diet of sorts but also be adding in amazing superfoods that are known for boosting the libido.  I will also have you go on a journey of loving your body and embracing it for all that it has done for you.  Stay tuned, I would love for you to be involved, take part and enjoy 21 days to better sex.



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Author:Sarah Moore


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