Motherhood, Breastfeeding and Attachment

Its a Boob, Breasts, Tit… Get over it.
I am going to step on my soap box a little here with this post. With Mothers day now past us, and the Time Magazine cover still around πŸ™‚ I wanted to give my opinion here (if anyone cares) instead of on facebook, twitter feeds ( which i guess this post will be when I am done). First of all if it is on a public shelf I guess it is our business to talk about it, but is it fair, nice, right to outright bash or make such immature comments to another mother? Is it easy to do because she can’t talk back since she is on the cover? Is it because she is a very attractive,fit, healthy looking mother that is exposing her breast?
I successfully breastfed two children, one 18 months the other a very long πŸ™‚ 22 months. It was the greatest thing I could have done for them. We have also co slept since they were born. Yes, all four of us one big happy family in the bed together. Does it effect your sex life or intimacy? Not anymore than it does the parent that gets up through out the night checking on their child or comforting them because they are sick or scared and then is tired and dragging all day. If you hadn’t heard I have a 21 days to Better Sex cleanse coming out. I am pretty good in that department πŸ™‚
I do admit you have to pick your battles and what I believe is that whatever you choose it is YOUR choice, with spouse or without. My husband and I are together 100% on these. Does it still get frustrating to hear the opinion of others? Yes. The most frustrating part is from a place of ignorance or lack of education. If you want to make facebook your forum,be informed. Talk to a mother in person that chose to breastfeed long term or co sleep. Ask them their reasoning you may be enlightened? I know I have been guilty of running my mouth without seeing the other side. It isn’t until we see the other side that we grow. Does that mean you have to agree, no, but you can at least give them value for their beliefs.
Breastfeeding is free, breastfeeding is a bond between mother and child, no other animal gets fed a bottle unless their mother is sick or dead, and you live on a farm and make the milk for them. Breastfeeding is calming, it is health for your child. Breastmilk changes as the child grows, it provides for them what is best. Breastfeeding is also a mothers right and the way the body was designed, what God created.
I applaud the hot young lady who allowed her, who cares, 3 year old be on the cover of time magazine. She is creating awareness, discussion and provoking thoughts. Lets just keep it nice. Seriously it doesn’t matter how hard you type or how many times you make a comment on facebook it isn’t going to be heard any more.. the article is out there, and people are reading it. πŸ™‚

With a Big Ole Grateful Heart,


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Author:Sarah Moore

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