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Photo from twitter @kennychesney

I went to college at MTSU, I moved here when I was 18 and never left Tennessee. The goal of this young Indiana girl was to be a singer. We had nooooo clue what to do, how to do it, and the great parents I have did what most great parents do, sent me off to college. The next step was what to major in? I grew up and Reba was my idol and she did it all. She was classy successful, and has conquered music, film,tv, broadway, you name it. So why not major in music business. I did and I didn’t sing. I got in most peoples opinion a killer internship with a management company. It was even paid ( minimum wage, 5.15/hr). I went for the interview and little did I know it was with the management company of Alabama and Kenny Chesney, we also had Shane Mcanally, Phil Vassar, and others. Wow could this be true? Small town Indiana girl who met Kenny when he just started at our county fair, I got to see inside his bus and was a fan from then joining his fan club. What a person to learn from and admire from an Artist stand point.
In order to score the job I drove by myself to Nashville. I interviewed and was certain I would get it if my school schedule worked out. It did not so dad and I changed it. I started that new year of school with the most amazing job. I was a sophomore getting up to work out at 5 am, go to class at 8 am drive to Nashville by 12 and leave at 6, drive home and be college girl again. Not typical of many college students. I still didn’t sing.
The next two years were all about the place. I loved everything about the business but the rude men and my bosses. I loved going to shows watching them line the stage with wires. I would talk to the crew meet their family i had an all access pass to go where ever. In my mind if I were to be an artist I needed to like this life, all of it. Living on a bus, having a huge rode family of all kind of characters,ALL of it. Now if you have been in any music business the “road” is way different than the “office”. I got a high when I went to the shows ( read that again) :). It was so amazing, for that night Kenny had all the audience in the palm of his hands. Some wanted to be him, be with him, or just escape the night with music, it was truly magical. I wanted to do that!. I always brought a girlfriend to see it also through their eyes, and they got to have a lot more fun since they didn’t work there :).
When I would get back to the office it was just different. They had a big job to do but their energy was different. I was treated different. Back to bosses that I didn’t like. They didnt want to see me grow, I was accused of being a “typical college sorority student” whatever that means, I wasn’t even in a sorority. I was rather frowned upon for having “road” friends. If I were friends with them I must be sleeping with them. At one point I was told what I will never forget,

Sarah, you need to soar with the eagles not walk with the turtles

I left the job after finishing an amazing task requested by Randy Owen when my position was no longer needed. I left having so many amazing memories and so many things I lost. I lost my dream of singing, my confidence, and I questioned am I really what they are making me out to be?

When I look at this picture that was tweeted from Kenny’s twitter before he did his show in Nashville for the Brothers of the Sun tour, my heart gets big, I get goose bumps, and start to have a tear in my eye. Just think every seat is going to be filled all to see Kenny (and Tim McGraw). What is he thinking as he stares in the empty seats, is this what he dreamed? If I were to guess he is getting the same feeling, Kenny in my opinion, is a very humbled man that has treated those around him very well.

As I continue to do what I love helping others eat right, be empowered , feel amazing, and stay motivated, I long to do it in a way I would have if I were a singer. This dream burns fiercely in me. I continue to strive for the feeling I got when I went to a concert, or see that picture.
The world is wide open for all of us to have, dream, and be, anything we want. Most of the time we get in our own way. Even when the so called eagles think you are a turtle, rise up. Their opinion of you should not define you and more than likely they just do not get your amazingness. So dream on dreamers!



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Author:Sarah Moore


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