I love music and how it feels!

Kelly Clarkson Nashville, Tn 9-15-12 photo by Jenny Doss

This saturday a good friend of mine Jenny asked me to go to the Kelly Clarkson concert ( and The Fray) . Of course I was all over that, any chance to see an amazing performer I say yes. Also the connection Kelly has to Reba, was a benefit just hoping Reba may show up. 🙂 I think the amazing thing about music from any genre is how it transforms your mood, your day and for a lot of people a single song will transform your life.  This night was bitter sweet, as a great songwriter friend of mine, Shane, was getting married in Mexico and my schedule didn’t work out to attend, so Kelly was certainly a good second.  I analyze the artists and their performance and their health. If you have ever watched Kelly sing, she has amazing breath support in order to blow the roof off the building. I wander things like, do they work out? What does she eat on her bus? What does the band eat and do they directly relate the food they are eating to their performance and their longevity on stage? It is my hopes as I continue to work with musicians and see amazing concerts that I help them and everyone make the connection to the things they eat and their longevity and stamina on stage and in life.  We have heard it over and over again, You Are What You Eat.  DO you want to me a McDonalds Burger, or an amazing colorful salad with life, and maybe some grass fed meat on top 🙂 Do you love music and is it in your heart? Who are your favorite artists?


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Author:Sarah Moore


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