I make Mondays Mine!

How many of you wake up with the case of the Monday’s? Do you spend all day friday waiting for the weekend  and then all day Sunday thinking about how short the weekend was and you have to go back to work on Monday?

I refuse, I just refuse.

Although it is hard, there is just a feeling I think that comes around when it is Saturday and Sunday. I think after years and years of conditioning from school into working, we live for the weekend and despise Monday.  I am not giving in.  The funny thing was that I also woke up on Sunday thinking it was monday, even checked my phone, still not convinced I had to go wake up Ian and ask him.  I was then like, wow another whole day. I am not even working monday but I was still in the mind frame.

Heres how I make mondays mine.  I choose not to work unless I want to.   I have made the mistake, and sometimes still do, of letting others control my schedule and work whenever a client wants.  I am all over the place, my sitter is all over the place and I miss out on precious kid and me time. I have worked mondays and clients forget , cancel , or no show. So I now make it a day for kids, home and fun.  It keeps me in a better mind frame going into the week.  I love it.   This monday I went with the kids to the mall, the chiro, ate lunch and will go to spin tonight.

In my quest for freedom and creating a life that serves me and others, I work to enjoy my days and what I am doing.  So for me that means not working monday unless I want to.  I spend the day of leisure enjoying my time with my babies and also doing things thats that help me, as a mother feel whole. ISn’t that what life is all about?

Do you enjoy a weekday off? Do Mondays always have you in a funk?


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Author:Sarah Moore


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