Plastic is out!

Voss water bottle: $2, glass snap a seal around 20 for a set ( i do not heat w lid), ello water bottle $9, and I have a lifefactory in my office which is around $22.

Trust me when I say to not use plastic anymore.  Do your best to not store your food or drink your water out of plastic. Of course we also undertand the tole plastic takes on the environment with bottles and bags. I am concentrating more on what it is doing to the inside of your body.

So what are the different type of plastics? ( I will show you)

Symbol Type of material Where is it found Uses after recycling
PETE Polyethylene
  • Soft drinks
  • Juices
  • Single serve water bottles
  • Beer
  • New soft drink bottles
  • Polyester clothing
  • Sleeping bag insulation
  • Carpeting
HDPE High density
  • Cleaning products
  • Industrial products
  • Personal care products
  • Garbage bags
  • Bottles
  • Grocery Bags
  • Bins
  • Plastic lumber
V Polyvinyl chloride
(V or Vinyl or PVC)
  • Medical tubing
  • Construction products
  • Pipe
  • Fencing
  • Non-food bottles
LDPE Low density
  • Dry cleaning bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Plastic food wrap
  • Plastic bags
  • Containers
  • Bottles
  • Tubing
PP Polypropylene
  • Squeezable condiment bottles
  • Margarine containers
  • Food storage containers
  • Automotive parts
  • Food containers
PS Polystyrene
  • Styrofoam containers
  • Disposable cutlery, cups and bowls
  • Take-out food containers
  • Cafeteria trays
  • Toys
  • Video cassettes and cases
  • Insulation board
Other Other This catch-all category contains any plastics that do not fit within the other six categories:

  • Polycarbonate
    • Refillable plastic bottles
    • Baby bottles
    • Metal food can liners
    • Consumer electronics
  • Biodegradable resins
    • Food and beverage packaging
  • Other plastics

(from factson )

Ok so now you see how much plastic is in everything, now let me tell you what it is doing to you body. BPA in plastics is a hormone disrupter. It will give extra estrogen stores in the body. It can cause heart complications, diabetes, cancer and of course libido issues. Plastic is also the main bottle used to feed babies and has also been linked to asthma and breathing issues.

Remember what plastic goes through when it is made and also if it is carrying a liquid to get to your hands. It could be in a truck heating up and cooling down. You may leave it in your car before you drink it and as it heats up it is releasing toxicity into your liquid.  You also releasing toxins when you microwave the plastic and heat it up in the dishwasher. The steam makes its way with plastic chemicals and ammonia, if you are not using chemical free dish detergent.

When being diligent to detox you body and minimize the toxicity I would cut plastic out ASAP. Glass water bottles are being carried in a lot more places for reasonable prices, you can also find glass snap and seal containers to put left overs in or your lunch when packing it.  If not for your body, for the earth.


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Author:Sarah Moore

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