Music + Spin= Love

Ok so we all go through those times where we stop working out and get into a slump. I remember when I was a personal trainer in college and I said to Ian, I don’t know if there will ever be a time I don’t work out! Flash forward a few years and guess what, I stopped. I stopped in a bad way. I had two children in four years and between Ian running his business me growing mine I was drained and needed something bad. We all have been where we know working out will give us more energy but we don’t have the energy to work out! I remember it used to be so easy to stroll into the gym, now it means getting the kids ready, diapers, snacks etc. the thought was exhausting.
I knew I had to make a change. My body image was not doing well and although I had lost the baby weight with healthy eating my body felt and looked like MUSH. I also gain weight and loose weight proportionately so a little somewhere is a little everywhere.
My body was craving exercise but my mind needed relaxation. Yoga was so inspiring but was a little outside the budget and had no daycare. Finally we agreed on a gym and Ian and I joined.
I started the gym thinking I wanted a trainer, someone who would push me and give me a jump start. No one seemed like a good fit. I also wanted a trainer with a body I admired, as motivation. I did not find that at the gym. I sought out a client of mine who said she started training others at their home, which was perfect for me. The kids could hang out in the front yard while I got my sweat on. We would meet about 3 times a week and she would kick my tail. It was what I needed to get myself back on track.  With more motivation I headed back into the gym and found a new love for cardio in SPIN class.

I was never really a group fitness person. I didn’t like working out jumping around in front of a mirror with a bunch of people.  Spin was different, it was all dark, music loud and it was 50 minutes of sweat.  I loved it and continued to go. Now I am going 3 to 4 times a week.  I have the desire to be back in the gym and work out along with the spin.  It is a tough workout and some instructors are better than others.  You can go as hard as you want and if you are having an off day you can choose to take it a little slower.

Im telling you, if you are in a rut and you need something new, you will love it.   It is a challenge, you sweat, you listen to awesome music ( if you have a good instructor) and you feel so accomplished when you end class.

What are your favorite ways to work out?


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Author:Sarah Moore

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