Bok Choy

Ok, I can admit I am not a master gardener I am probably not going to be the most re pinned on Pinterest, EVER. I like things that come easy as I work to seek freedom. I have no problem busting my tail, but I avoid those things that for me do not come easy ( easy for me could be hard for others, you get it right?). So this dish could have not happened any easier.

I have grand dreams of a beautiful garden that fills my back yard with kale, onions, tomatoes cucumbers, etc. At this point it has just been a dream. I attempted a small garden in random places in my front yard and got some beets, thats about it. My bok choy grew small and high and never did anything. My cucumbers were growing well till, in the heat of the summer, I forgot to water them. With it all over grown I had Ian just weed eat it all down. Low and behold a few weeks later, I get random and beautiful bok choy growing. I mean I worked so hard for it, ha, not really.

It finally got to a place I could pull some leaves off last night and I made an easy dish. I am sure I have had it in a dish before but I have not made it or had it alone. I will delight you with my recipe and I hope you enjoy!

Spicy Bok Choy

Perfect paired with Free Range Chicken, organic baked tofu, or seasoned quinoa.

5 leaves of bok choy chopped

fresh grated ginger to taste

2 chopped garlic cloves

olive oil/grapeseed oil

salt and pepper

bragg aminos

Chop bok choy into desired bite size slices. In pan be warming up your olive oil and seasonings. Add in bok choy and toss to mix oil and spices. Place on a medium low heat and cover with a lid ( more of a saute steam method ) Once you feel the stems are getting softer it will be finished. Place on your favorite plate or bowl and enjoy.


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Author:Sarah Moore

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