Please Stop eating Crap

(This weeks newsletter for SarahMooreHealth)

Okay, I know that seems harsh, I do say it with Love,

but seriously stop.  A few weeks ago I volunteered at my high school back in Indiana. I was grateful to spend two days speaking to mostly juniors and seniors about eating real food and what is in our food.  We juiced, made green smoothies, raw spaghetti, raw chocolate and drank some wonderful Vita Coco coconut water.  My heart was certainly full.
I grew up in Southern Indiana, rows of what I am sure to be Monsanto, Land of GMO, corn and soybeans. I was a 10 year 4-H member and we raised sheep  (my dad still does). I remember some of how we ate, but I do not remember is seeing the amount of over weight and pimple faced kids in my high school as I saw this time.  What was going on!?!  Of course I knew, but the kids had no clue. Now, I cant get high on my horse, my favorite day in school was Thursdays so I could cash in and get bread sticks with cheese and a chocolate chip cookie, and that is all I would have for lunch. I could relate somewhat, but what I do know now is the amount of crap that has taken over that same meal now, is so much worse then when I ate it.
I had the kids go over food and how it effects their energy level. We talked about grounding foods, light and airy foods, and nervous tension causing foods.  I asked them all to eat and then remember how they felt right after and an hour later. Many said tired, poopy, like crap ( highschoolers here!). I ask them if that made sense, should we feel like crap right after eating? Well, we will if we include these things in what we are eating:
1. Artificial Sweeteners– Splenda, Equal, Sweet and Low.  Messes with nerve cells and linked to over 90 side effects.  Migraines, trouble loosing weight, depression, all linked to artificial sweeteners
2. Refined Sugar:  You all know what this is.  It is 4xs more addicting than cocaine  NO joke.  Depression, bone loss, PMS, stress.
3. MSG: Mono Sodium Glutamate.  Read the Label. It Will not say MSG that is to easy.  Its nasty stuff added into our food to give it flavor. Headaches, itchy skin, dizziness, digestive issues, circulatory concerns.
4. Artificial Colors: Have you met a child that can’t have food dyes yet? If they don’t’ know it and eat it they will bounce off the walls for hours, and worse.  ADD, nerve damage, visual and learning disorders
5. BHA and BHT: they are added to stop oil going rancid, GROSS!  Liver and kidney damage, hair loss, behavior problems, growth retardation. ITS not all in the genes!
6. Sodium Nitrate and Nitrite: Preservatives added to processed meat products such as bacon, jerky, lunch meat.  These turn into cancer causing agents in the stomach. Headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness.
7. Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable OIL:  Yuck! Trans fat, mostly your vegetable oils, corn and soybean.  Heart disease, breast and colon cancer.
8. Pesticides: 2 billion pesticides are added to our food each year. Our body can not just get them out of our system without detoxing and having help. Accumulated pesticides in the body cause miscarriage, fertility issues, birth defects, and cancer.
9. GMO: CORN SOYBEANS. Stay away from  gmo food. Insects who eat this food, their bellies burst. Rats have crazy crazy tumors all over. It is not meant for us to eat a genetically modified seed that science created to withstand #8.  Please learn more about GMOs as California votes on Prop 37!

I love you all and I love your families that is why I inform you of this craziness so you know.  We all have in us to eat and cook real food. If you need a quick alternative and go with packaged invest in organic. I bet these ingredients will not be in it.
My programs are designed to get this junk out and get you on track. If you need or want it, shoot me an email and we will get you to rockstar status 🙂
Please stay healthy , eat clean, and love yourself,


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Author:Sarah Moore

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