Eat like How?

Design your Food to Fit your Day
Do you think about what you are going to wear daily, or how you want/ or dont want to look at the gym? We all do, and if not in advance we do it that morning. When finding the perfect outfit we think about what we have to do that day. Are we sitting in meetings, have a big interview or client, running around with the kids, or vegging out all day. It all makes a difference on what we wear, I know for me it does.

Now what if I said you could plan your food the same way? Have a big meeting eat this way, playing with the kids all day, eat this way. Food is amazing and what it can do for the body is so incredible we don’t even realize it. Food has energy, and that energy can be positive or negative.
We recognize negative food as it is all around us and when we eat it we feel, well, negative. Crappy, poopy, tired, mean, short tempered, to name a few. Did you know positive food can help you feel, grounded, light, airy, confident, secure, free, energetic? All those sound wonderful, right?

So how do you go about setting up your food? I have a lot of potential clients that ask if I will tell them what to eat every day. ( how much you wanna pay, JK) I say No, that is not how you will learn. I want you to walk away from me and listen to your body, know your body and feed it accordingly. You do not do that if I tell you what to have and when to have it. So we first begin understanding how our life works, when do you wake up, what happens in your day. Then allow food to guide us through the day for what we need.
This is part of a handout I give to my clients.

photo (38)

So that meeting or important client, you eat grounded and relaxed foods Playing with the kids, running around, you need to be light, creative and flexible. Now until you start eating Real Food, it will be hard to understand how these are going to work for you. Most are eating in the Tense/Anxious category and are loaded with health issues and feeling very disconnected. It really can be easy, and make sense, but we have to remember we are all diffreent unique amazing individuals and what fuels us is food and love. Love yourself, love the food you eat and you will feel loved back I am sure of it!.



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Author:Sarah Moore

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