Coffee: A Love Hate Relationship

( I forgot to post this on Thursday when it went out, enjoy ) 🙂

Most people drink coffee, its the first thing in the morning they want. Wake up thinking about it. Some have it hot, cold, black, white, sweet, unsweet.  I didn’t drink coffee until I was in college. My mom always drank coffee every morning, black. I remember trying it and thinking it was so nasty and plus I didn’t like my moms coffee breathe ( haha).
So one early morning that followed a late night I went to the Tiger Mart ( gas station) and got a hot coffee and loaded it down with sugar free creamer and splenda. This was when I thought no calorie chemicals were good for my trainer body. ( ouch). Of course drinking it like that made it taste good.  So I continued to drink it every morning.
This will now segway you into  my sweaty arm pit disease. I am not sure if there is such a thing but in high school my arm pits for some reason would sweat all the time. So my parents took me to a dermatologist and he gave me the worst thing ever ( I know that now). Straight aluminum dioxide. That crazy stuff hurt so bad as it dried up my armpits. I don’t even have aluminum in my deodorant now let alone the straight stuff… hello cancer! Anyway, it went away and I didn’t think about it again until the end of college and my arm pits started to do it and they had a bad odor, even after a shower.  I thought perhaps it was the coffee. At this time I was drinking iced coffee, with soy milk and stevia ( see the change)  I loved it and didn’t want to stop, I just didn’t :). One weekend I was home at my parents and I didn’t have my healthy ingredients so I didn’t drink it and noticed, NO SWEATY ( STINKY) ARMPITS. Maybe it was the coffee. My body with an acidic spike would detox out my armpits, SO bizarre.
I soon quit drinking it, who wants smelly arm pits. Over the years I have gotten on and off coffee and through this experimenting, my favorite coffee is cold pressed iced coffee with stevia and almond milk. What I have found drinking non organic coffee gives me the arm pits sweats, drinking organic instant gives me arm pit sweats. When I grind organic coffee myself and cold press it, no arm pit stink initially.
Coffee is such an emotional thing for people, I do not have clients immediately get off of it. When we cleanse I ask they detox off it for the cleanse. Coffee is very acidic, most people are inflamed and low energy. They are drinking something to give them energy that aids in inflammation. I also realized as a worn out mom, lacking sleep my adrenals were SHOT, coffee felt like it was needed for energy but messed with my adrenals.  I also think that anything you are dependent on and you have no control on needs to be regulated, so I try to get off coffee when I am “craving” it.
If you must continue to drink coffee, here are my tips.
Drink Organic: this is a must, coffee is so highly sprayed with peticides, do yourself and your armpits a favor 🙂
Cold Pressed: If you can cold press it and drink it that way it is less acidic.
Hold off: If you just slept for 8 hours then why do you need the energy boost. Allow your bodies natural energy to kick in, start drinking water when you wake up and hold off as long as you can with the coffee. It is very dehydrating so you do your body tons of good by giving it water first thing.

Enjoy this fun picture and share with me what kind of coffee drinker you are. The iced coffee kinda does describe me 🙂

photo (58)



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Author:Sarah Moore

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