Pre Thanksgiving Cleanse

Do Not Let Thanksgiving Sabotage You

do these two things the week before!

Ok, so who gets all excited about getting together with family so you can eat? Maybe your grandmas chocolate pie or for me it was my aunts Texas Potatoes.  This is the season where most people give themselves a free pass to pig out, over eat and expand their waste line only to make a resolution Jan 1, to FINALLY get healthy and loose weight.
Do not be a creature of habit and do the same thing over and over expecting a different result, make a CHANGE.  I see a lot of pre holiday cleanses being offered, as a 5 day prep.  I may prep but what I always find hard for me is my idea of eating bad is way different than my family.  There may be  pie and stuffing but typically it isn’t even the pie and stuffing I would want to indulge on.

We all know that once you start eating one, you want more and then it goes down hill from there.  So I propose you focus on eliminating this one ingredient and work on adding in another.

First lets talk about ADDING:
  I want you to add in FAT, good, healthy, yummy fat. Avocados, coconut oil, high quality olive oil, olives, nuts and seeds, cacao, hemp seeds. Doesn’t that sounds good.  Fat feeds the brain and will allow you to have a buffer, so to speak, for your brain. Often times we crave sugar because we are low in fat and protein. For women it also helps to support your lady parts!
– Make some yummy guacamole, fix your eggs in coconut oil, or heck just take it by the spoonful everyday 🙂 Take a tablespoon or two.
– Or you can eat an avocado a day?
– hemp seeds on your salad along with an avocado.

I want you to make an effort to NOT have ANY SUGAR!!! I’m serious, no sugar. Not in your coffee or the break room homemade pie, none!  Sugar is really the worst for your body. It is 4xs more addicting than cocaine. Now I have had a client who used to use cocaine tell me, cocaine is worse… don’t experiment with it, just take my word, both are bad! Sugar is an evil beast that wants to be fed all the time.  Once it takes up shop in your gut, you can and will get yucky yeast ( candida) and parasites, and worms.  I guess if you want extra guest in your gut for dinner, go for it, I do not.
– Use Stevia
– if you need to, experiment with gentle sweeteners like honey and maple syrup
– READ labels cane sugar, sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, splenda, pink, yellow, blue packets all off limits!!!

There it is. How easy is that? Add fat, cut out the sugar. If you are up for the challenge the week before Thanksgiving let me know. I want to support you and hear how you are doing. Good Luck!



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Author:Sarah Moore

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