Our Desire to be Thin over Healthy


I had to blog about this because it blew my mind and thousands of others who watched Biggest Loser season 15 finale last night.
I have had 3 clients from the show. I used to watch when it first began, I would cry and I recognized the desire to loose the weight that my personal training clients had. I also know now after 8 years in the holistic health and nutrition field that the Biggest Loser way is not the healthy way. I chose to quit watching it and only tune in when I meet a contestant.
A body that looses 100s of pounds in that short of time is still overweight on the inside. Yes it’s great but the malnourishment that was taking place before takes time to rebuild.
Rachel who won last night lost 155lbs in less than 6 months and got her self to a sickly unhealthy 105lbs! I think those watching live and at home could clearly say this was not healthy. Her face was sunk in, she showed of dehydration and malnutrition from the way her frame hung and her posture drooped.
The weight that she had put on was over a short period in her life. When this happens it is almost always an emotional addictive response. When someone has an addictive personality often times they will swap one for another and the result will be equally extreme. I know friends who were addicts that got clean and become addicted to work. I think you get what I mean.
I’m disappointed because so many people are inspired by those on the show and yes they have worked hard but as a mother of two that owns a business and home schools my kids if I could get sent away from everyone and just work on myself I imagine I would reach my goal ( mine would be a spa of massage,juicing, hot baths, and raw food) 🙂 Often times the way they are taught to eat is calorie restrictions and using the foods that are sponsoring the show, subway, progresso soup etc.
When I see these contestants their digestion has shut down. This is due to a dumping of toxins that were being stored in their body from the past binge crap food eating. Their body has been over worked out and not fed the correct nutrition and it is telling them this by shutting down. The desire to be thin is over shadowing healthy and no one is telling them what is really going on inside their body other than what the scale and some blood work show.
I am not naive I know it is a reality show. The trainers have endorsements and want to always look good and most think they are on the ranch all the time ( no). Home also thinks everyone on the show cares so much for the contestants, and that hey, they lost all the weight they must be so healthy (no)! Once a contestant has success they often go on to teach other nutrition and health and become an inspirational speaker. Of course they are inspiring but what was achieved in a 16 week period is not to be coached to others as credible.
I love the clients from the show I have been grateful to have. I have witnessed the more healthy nutritious route they took to get to the finale ( although not exactly what I would teach) but bottom line this is a competition w the winner being the “biggest loser” of pounds not the greatest gain of health. Rachel’s anorexic appearance should be taken seriously and maybe now is a time to have a better approach to the Biggest Loser. What do you think?


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Author:Sarah Moore


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One Comment on “Our Desire to be Thin over Healthy”

  1. Lynn Barrett
    February 6, 2014 at 7:03 am #

    I never thought of it that way. That is probably the same for us that have done fad diet programs all our life and our weight has been a yoyo. I know that doesn’t feel healthy either.

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