No Time Is Right


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You read that correctly. No time is going to be right.  Often times we pass up opportunities or fail to begin because we are waiting for the right time. When in all actuality choosing to begin and make it happen teaches us so much about scheduling, perseverance and planning things while the new “event” is happening.

I hear somewhat regularly from potential clients, I just don’t think it’s the right time. I have vacation, Im busy, its almost a holiday, or I could spend the money somewhere else.  My intention is never to talk you into working with me, but I will tell you no time is ever right.  Time will come and go regardless if you reach your health goals, so why not start if you have at least a desire. Those who have worked with me when the time seemed all wrong had the biggest breakthroughs and achieved success outside of the intended goal. 

I recently started a business school I have looked at for a few years. Each year it was appealing, I was called to it for the knowledge I knew I needed to get to the next place in my business. I didn’t join because I felt like it wasn’t the “right” time, I was to busy or the kids were to young, or I didn’t want to spend that much money.  Well, this year I joined, with the intention I would follow the school with its week to week change. Has that happened? No. Week 4 started and I am still on week 2. You know what though? I have lifetime access so I will go at my pace.  Do I still take deep breaths about the money I spent, of course. As I think about it, I probably had more money the other years because I sat on it thinking I would use it.  A cool thing also happened when I signed up, that next day I got 4 leads through my website, and in the last week or so I have had a great opportunity land in my lap, all things this business school can help with. 

I truly believe we make the time, right.  When you choose to go after something that is calling you, things will work out. Those things that will propel your life forward to be a better person and give the world your amazing gifts that serve.  

I have felt drawn to things mostly because I had a large desire. When Ian and I first got married I owned a condo and I couldn’t wait to live in the country. When we drove up the drive of this home we knew it was going to be ours. I put my blinders on and found a way to get the home. We rented the condo and shortly after buying the country home and Ian’s business starting I got pregnant with Addison. It was a lot at once and my impatience matched with desire made me not think things over to well. Shortly, Ian’s business had unforeseen things that left us in a huge financial pickle. The business issue was not our fault but the financial pickle was. We did to much to fast and anything you have debt on including your home is not really yours, and it was gone. It sucked. This was our dream home, the place I birthed both of my babies. I hung on as long as I could but it was time to let go.  I learned so much and developed a tenacity I might not have had if the situation didn’t happen. I pushed through when I thought the time was right ( although most said it was wrong). Looking back I would not change those events because I am here with my life and my business because of what I learned through that. I have also been able to help others in my personal life and clients, with my “bad timing”. It has made me a stronger mother and business woman.

In closing I know you get what I am saying because you have said it to yourself. We are only going to get older and time is only going to pass. You can choose to begin making a slow change today or not, but if not is your answer, don’t be upset when things do not happen because you never started.  My favorite saying to myself when I get frustrated is
 The only thing between me and my goal is time 
as long as I am working towards it things will happen.
Let time either be for you or against you.  Get off your tush and go for it, cause you know awesomeness will be waiting around the corner once you get there!

Huge Love Rockstars,



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Author:Sarah Moore

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