I Dig Customer Service

Who doesn’t? Poor customer service will kill a business and with social media it spreads like wildfire. I am going to give a shout out to positive customer service and hope it grows like a happy positive wildfire. ( are wildfires positive? You know what I mean)
I am not a bread eater, it’s not real appealing to me but my kids do love a nice PB and J sandwich or some toast with their runny eggs ( over easy). Our bread of choice is Rudi’s organic harvest Ancient Grains. It comes frozen and usually does not last long. Recently our last 3 loaves ( we bought two together) had these odd holes in the middle. Almost as if it wasn’t cooked all the way and the somewhat raw bread had froze and then of course created a hole.


Very hard to make sandwiches with holes. One loaf would be no big deal but three I wanted Rudi’s to know, so I called. Not only did they apologize they also agreed to send me 3 free loaves coupons. Now at almost $4 a loaf I was excited. When I got the letter and coupons there were 4. I was super impressed and became an even more loyal Rudi’s customer.
It doesn’t take much for a business or company to do what’s right. What is right also protects their brand and can only bring in more profit. Referrals can easily happen with just one click and so can negative reviews. Be careful how you take care of your peeps. Do what Rudi’s does 🙂



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Author:Sarah Moore


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