Superfood Series: Bee Pollen

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We go through Bee Pollen like we do Goji Berries, it is Ians favorite part of his smoothie and I can even get Addi to eat it, which is odd cause she is picky, but I roll with it!

I am very fascinated with bees and what they produce, honey, bee pollen , and royal jelly. We know a lot about the nutrition of these amazing insects but we still do not know the nutritional powerhouse they are.  I am going to focus of course on Bee pollen in this post but I challenge you to educate yourself about bees and how important they are for our earth and environment to exist.

Bee pollen is full of minerals, think about where it is coming from, plants all over the bees radius so it is full of all the things we need to build our immune system and help to combat photoallergies.  You will need to start small, some pollen allergies can be allergic to bee pollen. Start with a couple of granules and see how you respond, add a little more and go from there    ( if you are allergic to most pollen). If you do have minor allergies, taking bee pollen throughout the year will allow your body to build up its immunity and not be as affected by the traditional spring pollen allergies.

So why do I want you to include this superfood powerhouse? Its a libido booster and will speed up the blood giving your energy, everywhere. I said before it is full of vitamins and minerals, those include: folic acid, magnesium, vitamins A, K, C, E, B, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, Protein and aminos.  See where this is going, a wonderful multi vitamin. You take bee pollen and Spirulina everyday you are telling your body thank you all over the place!

How do I use bee pollen? On top of my smoothie, in my refrigerator oats ( I do not like to heat them), on a salad, or on my hand to my mouth

How bee pollen is collected is equally fascinating , to me, I’m a nerd that way. Watch this awesome video to nerd out yourself 🙂




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Author:Sarah Moore

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