Superfood series: Maca and Cacao

Maca and Cacao can go together like nut butter and jelly or a glass of wine after a long day.  Thats all I can think of right now, but you get the picture. Maca is an amazing adaptagen and will aid in anyones attempt to boost their libido if taking regularly.

Maca was used by the Incans in the Andean culture as a source of nourishment and healing. It begins as a root and the Maca powder is created when the fiber of the root is extracted to make it more digestible.

Just listen to what Maca offers: It increases stamina, combats fatigue, boost the adrenals all while being an amazing aphrodisiac. Bow chica wow wow.. 🙂  It is considered an adaptogen as it enables the body to adapt and regulate to stress that is place on it. It also has properties that help nourish the endocrine system, which is responsible for the production of hormones.

It can be added to many things to give you more amino acids, essential minerals , plant sterols and phytonutrients. I will have you add it into chocolate, smoothies, and also tea elixirs that can be sipped on at night. A little of this powerful root will go a long way.

Maca is good for both male and females and  is great for exercise and making it through a stressful day. You will be preparing your body to adapt using Maca.

This leads us to…..

Cacao, such a wonderful bean.  We have been misled to think that true chocolate comes in a chocolate bar. Nestle and Hershey screwed us by burning the bean adding a bunch of milk and sugar and calling it chocolate. Which then made you think of chocolate as a treat, or something that makes you fat, or breaks your skin out.  Shame on them for ruining such a good thing.  How about believing and knowing true Cacao/chocolate is amazingly good for you!


Cacao is a good source of fat, protein, polyphenols and minerals. It is the number one source for magnesium than any other food. It also contains a very high concentration of antioxidants such as chromium, anandamide (thank this one for giving you the bliss chemical), manganese, zinc, copper, omega- 6, serotonin and more. It of course is an amazing aphrodisiac.  Pair a libido booster with an aphrodisiac….problem solved, your welcome.

To read more about this amazing food David Wolfe has dedicated a whole book to the subject called,  Naked Chocolate.   I also show you great ways to incorporate these two superfoods along with the past ones I have covered in my 21 Day Signature Cleanse.  Certain to have you feeling like a rockstar!





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Author:Sarah Moore

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