Advice to the Entrepreneur Mom

and any other mom that understands.

My mom holding Addi on the day she made me a mom.

My mom holding Addi on the day she made me a mom.

Happy Mothers Day to all mothers. I am writing this directed to the mother that I relate to possibly that is you. If it is not, maybe you will understand us better (but my advice can really go for all moms) . I had planned to do a short video and I was given an hour and half window this week with no kids.  When I tried to make one come out, well it didn’t work so I am writing you what I wanted to say. 🙂

Almost 7 years of now being a mother, I still have a hard time thinking this day is for me because my mom is the mom. She put up with me for so long so she has to be tough!  I on the

Still in bed after giving birth to charlie I am introducing addi to her brother.

Still in bed after giving birth to charlie I am introducing addi to her brother.

other hand have many of her characteristics in personality but chose to do so many things differently than she.  I chose to have a homebirth, I chose to breastfeed, I chose to co sleep, I chose to homeschool, and I choose to be a stay at home ( out of the home) working mother.  All things, at times, I know my mom doesn’t understand but supports, I have a wonderful rockstar mother.

Ian supporting me after man hours of labor before Addi arrived

Ian supporting me after many hours of labor, before Addi arrived

Being the mother I chose to be is outside the norm and I know there are a lot of other mothers that do what I do but I do not always fit in.  I know I do not need to fit in, but as any mother knows you do need a few mommy girlfriends to vent or blow off steam to.  I came across this picture on facebook a few months ago and have noticed it a couple other times. It resonated with me, I thought, wow that is me.  It said ” I am a Holistic Entrepreneur. My love+life+work+spirituality are not separate.”

I chose to follow a dream for myself but not at the expense of my marriage or raising my children the way I wanted to. It is hard as hell some-days. I wont lie some days I want them to hop on the bus until 3pm . O the things I could do in that span of time, or the money I would save having clients and not paying a babysitter because they are at school.  But I think again, this is what I chose. To go to bed and wake up with them, to feed them their meals, to show them a world that is outside of the box, and give them endless possibilities.  It is stressful, but so much more rewarding.  At the times I find it the hardest is when I am being unreasonably hard on myself.  So, I would like to dispense this advise to you ( as I continue to tell myself).

Stay at home working mom/ Entrepreneur mom

1. Remember you are a Rockstar. If you look in the mirror and do anything but admire your body, STOP. That extra fat on your thighs or around your belly button most likely got there while you were creating a freaking human!  Another brain, liver, lungs, heart, etc… PRETTY FREAKING AMAZING.  That does not mean you do not want to change it or get it back to where it was, that is ok. For now, though admire its amazingness.  Oh and your boobs to, they made milk… that fed that human. UN REAL!

2. DO not judge your business success by how many or little clients you had that week, or how big or little your business bank account is.  You now have a business bank account. I sure remember when mine and my hubbies personal account floated the business and I could only have a sitter when I was making money at the same time, because there was NO extra.

3.  Watching a marathon of RHOBH one afternoon does not make you a bad mother or a bad business women. For me, as odd as it may seems, it inspires me. The ones that make their own money on the show, are working moms.  I love California, so seeing the sunshine and palm trees puts me in a happy place.  Take time for brainless time, it will help.

4. Be grateful, whether you are married or a single mom I imagine you have a husband, family or friends that are your cheerleaders.  Telling  you that you are capable and everything is possible. Someone that is allowing you to go outside that box and live your dream. Remember them when you have a break down or need for your kids to be away for even an hour. They will help you. Continuing to be in this state of gratitude will allow all your problems to work out.

5. If you have a whole week or even a month where your business gets no attention, no blog or newsletter. Guess who did get attention? Your child/children. All they want from us is love. Tons of love, hugs and kisses. That is a huge measure of success, because you were able to do that for them!


end of story!




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