5 Tips for Choosing the Right Cleanse

We all see so many cleanses on facebook, groupon, and blogs. Many are very valid others seem just down right crazy. Most are promoting a similar thing , weight loss. Why because we are obsessed with losing weight. Even those who are thin think they need to loose a few extra pounds and those who are overweight, think maybe this will be the next thing that works. Truth is most of the time they do not work because they do not teach you how to eat right.

You are probably thinking, Sarah, you have a cleanse, so why are you talking bad about cleanses. I created my cleanse to be different and since it is a cleanse/detox I called it that. I could have went 21 days to a lifestyle change or my first goal of the cleanse 21 Days to better sex through super foods. I decided to stick with 21 Day Signature Cleanse. Will someone loose weight, gain energy and create new habits? Yes, but I am not selling weight loss. I am creating real food eating rockstars. The end result of my cleanse if done correctly will have you change the way you eat, and also introduce you to superfoods.

What I have realized over many years of being in the nutrition/detox field is that everyone needs to detox but many people need to just simply learn how to eat. The problem lies when the cleanse is over and you go back to your old weight/ways. Many cleanses have good intentions but they can often cause the cleanser to binge and spiral when they are done.

So what cleanse is right for you and do you need to even do one? Here are some questions to ask yourself or things to think about.

1.Why do I want to do a cleanse? If you are suffering from a food allergy or getting over a recent illness then eliminating the trigger food/s and flooding your body with nutrition is the best way to start. If you are getting over an illness, then access what medications you were put on and how they negatively affected your body and go from there.
2. Will this cleanse teach me something or question what I already know? Often times I feel many people doubt their knowledge or power around nutrition but are wanting a plan. They want to subscribe to a program. Plans are awesome, but also remember our bodies do not fit into a box so if the cleanse seems extreme, one sided, bashing of another way of eating, trust your gut.
3.How many days can you handle? I chose 21 days because I wanted my cleanse to not seem long but also allow enough time for change. I also wanted each week to do specific things. I knew that was not going to happen in 3 or 7 days. My cleanse is also not intense, you do not count calories and you get to eat when you are hungry. If you are a new cleanser, 21 days of juicing might not work. But if you have cleansed before and just need something to bring you into a new season then you may juice for 7 days.
4. If the cleanse is based on powders and supplements and you have a gut problem steer clear. When our colon is inflamed and we are not digesting well, throwing pills down our throat will not solve the problem. You need juices, smoothies, gentle soups and foods your body can digest well while also offering a cleansing benefit.
5. lastly if the promises seem to good to be true, they probably are. A skinny outside can still be an unhealthy inside, choose health for your insides.

What cleanse questions do you have?



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Author:Sarah Moore


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