In a Funk? How I get out of it.

Part of reaching your goals whether it be nutrition or business, you have to stay the course, have motivation and show up each day.
It can be hard and sometimes I find myself in a funk. I am not a personality type, nor was I raised to be idle for long. It can be a curse but the best part of it is that out of the funk I make myself see the better side. The side that says “pop out of it… you can do this, no sense in feeling sorry!” Life, the world, people we know, will throw us punches all the time. That is a given. So why not put on your invisible super hero shield and power through them. I sure know Iron Man got knocked down a lot but his pal Jarvis and him only made more suits, so when one got destroyed, he summoned the next one!

A few things I do to get me out of my funk, when my super hero shield seems to be on vacation:

1. Find something else to do in the meantime that you are passionate about. I currently love my garden. I can walk the rows, see what is growing, be out in the sun and feel I am being productive. A lot of the time I am thinking about who I can share the food with ( my favorite part of having the garden). I also think about my husbands business or help someone else’s business. I have worked hard to grow mine and figure out the things I have, with no money, just sweat. So if I can do the same for my husbands or a friends it makes me feel good.
2.I re read over clients testimonials- When I feel my business is at a stand still or things are slow. I avoid jumping to the place in me that says you are doing something wrong or change what isn’t working. Often times nothing is wrong and I just need to remind myself I am doing good work. That reminder comes in the form of my clients successes. You may find it by looking at your children or the job you have.
3. I get into a place of gratitude. Punches can happen, life can knock us around. We are all here. Here on this Earth, and that in itself is something to be grateful for. Ian the kids and I before each meal say what we are grateful for. It brings us to a place of calmness and appreciation before we put amazing food in our body.
4 This is similar to #1. Go help someone. If my business slows I try to find a way I can volunteer, or help a neighbor. It makes my “un-productive” time seem productive. Mow a neighbors yard, or feed someone in need. I love seeing other people receive and often times that is all I need.
5. Call your mom, a friend or a mentor. Have those that let your light shine help you out of your funk. I have that in my husband and my mother. I also have a couple girlfriends that lift me up. I call or text and say “ im in a funk today, help!” and they make me laugh or kick my head out of the gutter.


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Author:Sarah Moore

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